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When a Pashmina Becomes Your Style’s Silver Lining…

the pashmina warehouse
the pashmina warehouse

What is a pashmina?

A pashmina can be described as a stole or shawl made out of wool. Women find pashminas very useful due to various reasons and also, they are perfect for styling purposes because pashminas are a classic.

If you are willing to purchase one for your next event, here’s a little help for you!

How to choose the perfect one for you?

  1. First of all, make sure the one you pick out from the lot is entirely authentic and not a blend of silk and wool. It is highly recommended that you go for either 70/30 per cent blend or a 100 per cent cashmere pashmina.
  2. Note that an 80/20 per cent blend gets a little fuzzy just like the 90/10 per cent blend. Any pashmina that is less than at least 70 per cent will look strangely glossy.

The least required is a dry clean occasionally to keep your pashmina all new; and to treat it on the spot, you can use regular water and baby shampoo.

Majority of the women settle for a 180×60 cm or medium-sized blended pashmina, whose retail price in the USA is USD 500. But you can get the same products from our manufacturing unit at a much affordable rate.

Things you need to know about pashmina

The term “Pashmina” is technically a Persian word, which means “made from wool” or “soft gold”. It is ensured that none of the animals is hurt in the process of weaving pashminas. The purest wool provided by the Himalayan Mountain Goat is used to make a pashmina.

As the diameter is barely 14 to 19 microns, machines are unable to spin them. Hence they are hand woven to make shawls for exporting to regions like Europe and America.

Pashmina sales all across the West suddenly rose in 1998 as designers from New York, Paris and London showed interest in them and started introducing them into their collections. And the demand has been growing ever since then, helping to push the rates down to a pretty affordable one.

How to take proper care of your pashmina?

If you want your cashmere pashmina to stay all fresh and new, you need to take care of it regularly.

  • Do not try to use a brush to increase its softness; softness doesn’t mean better.
  • Using a brush on a pashmina leads to bail up, and thus, it wears out pretty quickly. Instead of that, use a hand wash or shampoo or anything with a low pH and regular water to clean it.
  • Do not try bleaching or any other chemical or hot water to wash a pashmina.
  • Once done with the washing part, just lay it out on a plane surface.
  • To get the smooth quality back, use butter paper to cover it and then press warm iron on it.

You will be mesmerised by the warmth our feather like pashminas can provide. Our beloved customers never fail to let us know how lovely they find our products to be and when you will wear them on, you will get such compliments too.

So, that’s pretty much all you need to know about pashmina before purchasing one for yourself. Hope you find the right one or maybe many right ones! Enjoy shopping!