How to Identify an Original Cashmere Scarf?

The warmth of cashmere around your neck and shoulder is something you hold very close to your heart. On top of that, a velvety and gorgeous-looking cashmere scarf gives that classy aura whenever you en-wrap it on a dress.

There’s no other wool available anywhere in the world that both gives this feeling and appeals to its user. However, they don’t come at cheap price ranges. Because of its fabric material, its availability is scarce. One has to shell something between $50 and $100 or maybe a little above $600 while buying the designer cashmere scarves.

Since cashmere comes in a wide price range, it often becomes difficult for buyers to understand whether you are buying an original piece or not.

cashmere scarf throw
cashmere scarf throw

Let’s understand cashmere better!

People love buying cashmere for its soft and velvety fabric and the gorgeous appeal that it brings. Despite such high costs, people never mind paying those extra dollars for such an exquisite wardrobe accessory.

However, one must be aware that all cashmere doesn’t come in the exact same quality. That’s why take a significant amount of time to read the label of your cashmere scarf minutely. It will help you understand if the fabric is cashmere only or it’s a wool-blend material.

Also, checking the brand name will give the buyer an additional idea of its quality. Even if you are not buying a designer scarf, getting a comprehensive knowledge about the brand will ensure that you’re putting your money to get a good quality scarf.

The knitting of a cashmere scarf

Understanding the wool knits while purchasing cashmere scarves is crucial. This will make your most expensive and favourite piece of accessory last longer.

So, see how tight those weaves are. The rule of weaving is as follows –

  • The closer that wool weaves, the tighter the scarf is.
  • Tightly woven cashmere scarves are considered better in quality. Also, they last longer than other woolen scarves.
  • Cashmere that is made of yarn usually gives more warmth and has better durability. So, you can choose one of these that have high ply or double-ply cashmere as well.

Women who use the double ply say that those scarves last longer because the probability of getting holes in them is very less. Also, check for pills or snags before making the purchase.

What are pills? These are balled up fibres that happened due to friction and wearing of the fabric. You wouldn’t want any of these on your newly bought scarf!

Where can you get a cashmere scarf?

One can purchase a quality cashmere scarf from numerous off-price and outlet stores. If you buy from a high-end retailer, then also you’ll get huge discounts during the season-end sales on your purchase. However, it’s essential to ensure that you get a good quality scarf.

Try the scarves on your dress or coat and see whether you like the hang or not. To make sure all of these, go to a reputed store where they will allow you for the trial and provide you with high-quality fabric. Buying such scarves made from cashmere wool ensures longevity; so much so that you can pass it on to your next generation!

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