How to Style the Boisterous Red Pashmina to Perfection

With the fashion industry bringing back pashminas with full vigour, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to pick one!

So, if you’re choosing that shawls for the first time, go for the bright boisterous red pashmina. Red is one of the most attractive colours in the spectrum. Associated with boldness, brightness and a domineering personality, red signifies power and confidence. So, to bring out your confidence, don up with a bright red cashmere pashmina and get people complimenting your assertive fashion sense.

Whoa wait! You think red is easy, and can be a good option for experimenting? Wrong, if you’re a first timer, it’s good to start with conventional colours. In this eccentric fashion industry, experiment only when you’re adept at it; so, for beginners, pick conventional colours to stand out in the crowd.

Avoid the fashion police and style your red cashmere to perfection!

Charcoal & red!

Evergreen and warm, you can’t help but adore this colour combo! Almost all people out there have a fetish for these shades. Hence, with your pretty red hued ladies pashmina, go for regular jeans like Billie Stretch Mini Black Bootcut Jeans & pair it along with a usual Classical Essential Reversible Tank Top.

Subtle and simple, this colour blend can work perfectly for both classrooms & soirees.

Red & white!

Another combination that is smart and precise is the red-white mixture. Wear your red wrap alongside an all-white outfit or blue denim paired with white crisp top.

Outfit suggestion – You can try wearing an Ami Stretch Ankle Skinny Jeans along with Pleat Back Sleeveless Split Neck Blouse for a thanksgiving occasion with friends.

Grey & red

If you’re a woman above 30, then deck up with a bright red cashmere pashmina  and a grey attire to compliment your personality. You can try wearing the grey gown with gorgeous red cashmere leisurely wrapped around you.

However, if you’re a tad younger, you can work the grey attire too! Just buy a dress like the Share the Love Dress, and style your red shawl in a knotted necktie. You’ll look chic and funky in a jiffy!

Crimson & crimson!

Red works with red, no questions asked! So, if you’re getting ready for a graduation after-party, then with your Classical Essential Reversible Tank Top & Billie Stretch Mini Black Bootcut Jeans, pair crimson cashmere.

Striking, bold, and iconic! Own your outfit by decking up in that all red cashmere pashmina shawl wrap scarf!

Navy & red!

Bold and royal, the combination of blue & red is the winner all along! For your perfect coffee date, impress your better half by decking that red wrap with a fringe shirt or skinny jeans.

In fact, why don’t you opt for a Happy Daze Dress and deck it along with the chic blue sandals for a casual look?

Well, that was a lot of styles with one single red hued shawl wrap! Now, try these out or match your own styles by being innovative.

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