How to Wear a Camel Pashmina Shawl Wrap and Steal the Show?

A pashmina was initially made out of the most beautiful wool from Himalayan mountain goat found in Kashmir. Since it was so delicate, pashmina is also called as “soft gold” in Kashmir.

Now, pashminas have taken over the entire fashion world, and people find pashminas to be useful for various purposes. Thus, they are made from several materials now. However, you can still differentiate a pure pashmina from the lot because pashminas never lose their exceptional touch.

Moving on to the new trend of nudes, camel pashmina has been very popular in the market. So, let’s discuss how to wear a camel shawl with various attires!

Pair camel pashmina with various attires

Camel can be described as a nude colour and thus, complements red pretty well. So, if you are headed to a party and want to look stunning, just put on the Travelers Classic Solid Tunic and wear a pashmina along with it. You can also go for the Travelers Classic Essential Reversible Tank instead of the tunic.

camel pashmina

However, if you are going to attend a work meeting, red is not the right option then. You need to look for something subtle and classy, like beige. All you would require is to pair your camel wrap with the Jamie Lace Sheath Dress and wear your beautiful smile to impress the client.

There’s another option for you though!

You can also try on a Bardot Valeria Sleeveless Sheath Dress. So, pick the one you feel more comfortable with and don’t worry, you will look stunning in either of them anyway.

That’s for party and work meeting. But what to wear on lunch dates?

Well, for lunch dates, you should consider the blue family because not only they go well hand in hand with this camel shade, but also they add a touch of sophistication and class. You can try on the Lace Sleeved Shift Dress along with any camel cashmere pashmina scarf; it’ll look amazing for sure.

But you can also check out the Sleeveless Frill Hem Dress, and if you are looking to pair something with your jeans, you can try out the Lace Trim Tunic. There’s absolutely no doubt that you can pull either of these outfits flawlessly.

And that solves the lunch date attire. You might still have one question in mind!

What to wear on casual hangouts with friends? That’s the question clouding your mind, right? Well, here’s the answer to that!

For such casual meetups, you need something funky and comfortable. A dress is not a good option because well, girls do not like to maintain their poise all the time, right? So, why not keep it simple? Just wear the Floral Off Shoulder Top or the Sleeveless Swing Top along with a pair of knee slashed jeans or denim shorts. That’ll look perfect for a long-awaited meet up with school friends or a weekend with college friends. But do not forget to carry your shawl because that’ll bring out the true essence of your outfit.

Now, you know why pashmina scarves are always in high demand! So, what are you waiting for? Style your pashminas perfectly and be the showstopper in every occasion.

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