Why So Grey? Colour Coordinate Your Shawl to Match the Occasion!

So, it’s your birthday, and your grandmother gifted you an authentic grey shawl? But, you’re worried because you haven’t any idea how to work this beautiful garment?

Well, then this article is just for you!

A pashmina hailing from the underbelly of Changthangi goats form the high altitudes of Nepal isn’t just famous owing to its origins; one of the primary reasons why pashminas are so treasured is because of their versatility.

So, if you’re in possession of a grey one, then it’s a wise choice to mix it with every shade of darker colour in your trousseau. Grey is a balanced colour & it retains a neutral tone. However, pair it with a darker shade of garment, and it’ll bring out a result which is impactful & eye-catching.

So, if you’re ready to boost up your fashion game, check out which colours you can match the grey cashmere pashmina uk with!

Ps- Read out the occasions too!

Grey, black & everything in between!

Well, most you would likely own a black outfit, so pair your gorgeous grey shawl with any black garment to bring out the contrast and the potency of both the shades.

Styling tips –

Do you have an LBD or black sweatshirt? Then it’s best to wear your grey wrap like a poncho or tie it in a classic knot. Wear the poncho style to a club, and for your regular college days, you can work the classic knot.

Bright or Canary yellow!

If you’re planning to go for a picnic in autumn, the best way to compliment the crisp, mellow sun is to wear yellow. And to make it authentic wear a yellow sundress or a long skirt and pair it with your grey pashmina scarf.

Canary yellow being bright and optimistic is also the most visible colour in the spectrum. So pairing it with grey will result in diminishing the brooding hues of grey and giving your garment a unique touch.

Styling tips:

Whether you’re going for a picnic, a shopping trip, if you’re donning a canary yellow sun-dress or a skirt, then it’ll compliment your shawl best! Wear it ring styled around or neck or wrap it in a loose knot and let it hang leisurely about your neck.

You can also wear your grey cashmere pashmina  as a sarong too! If there is any beach trip planned, then adorn a bright yellow swim-suit and tie your pashmina over your waist like a sarong.

Plant green/ Grass green!

Green is vibrant, and grass green signifies brightness and purity. A soothing & calm colour; pair your attractive grey shawl with any plant green shade and let the contrast give you a striking appearance.

Styling tips:

Planning to go for a study session at a cute café? Well, then you need to look like a carefree student who is filled with vibrancy. Pair your green bohemian skirt with a black tube/tank top and tie your pashmina scarf over your head like a headgear or wrap it diamond styled about your neck.

Well, now why don’t you try experimenting with other brighter shades of garments and tie your grey cashmere with it? You might even end up discovering a new trend!

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